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How to get more buyers!

i’m pretty new to selling items on Fiverr, and I’m looking for a way to effectively get more buyers on my gig(s). Please help if you can! Thanks

Promote your gigs elsewhere online. Write about them in blogs, post on related message boards where you are an active participant, share links to your gigs on social media sites, tell your friends, create a website about your gigs… the possibilities are endless. You just need to be creative and get the word out. Only YOU can find the success you’re hoping to achieve.

Reply to @jonbaas: Thanks! Will do- not sure if you’re interested, lol, but my gig currently is personal training- we will provide workout plan and dietary suggestions for $5.

You could check out my promotion gigs if you’d like :slight_smile:

I would change your profile picture to an actual picture of you! It makes you seem like you are all real people. I am sure you are all buff and athletic and that itself would be a good advertisement for your gig. I’ve heard mixed review about social media working to gain buyers, but creating social media accounts and posting relevant articles/following relevant people and companies/extra tips/motivational stories/past clients etc. would not only give you a venue to advertise but to show your expertise to potential clients considering buying a gig. I would edit your gig and put the “needed info” into the box that asks what you need to start the gig and take it out of the gig description box (if that makes sense it’s kinda hard to put into words hahaha). Also in the description you might want to start out with a sales pitch directed at the individual you are trying to sell to. For instance you could say, “Are you a new mom trying to lose the baby weight? Our fitness plan could get you back on track and looking fabulous in no time!” or maybe you could talk about how you can help employees that have gained weight from sitting in their office cubical for hours on end, or how a fitness plan can help a teen get buff and get the prom date of their dreams. These are just a few ideas that you could tailor specifically to what you love to do. In general I find this strategy works really well. Sometimes people don’t know what they want until they hear it from you! Also, when they read key words that they identify with or connects with their type of business/lifestyle, it tends to reinforce the idea your the best seller for the job.

You should include an example of a fitness plan so potential buyers will know what they are buying. It’s kind of a hurdle getting the first sale since buyers don’t want to get scammed they will always trust positive review more than anything you can tell them. There are several strategies to get over this hurdle @jonbass mentioned some good ones. Another one is if possible to decrease your delivery time to one day this means not only will you show up near the top of new gig section, but also in the “super fast section.” This will bring you more traffic and better chance of the very critical first sale (hopefully with a positive review!). Once you have a few sales you can go back to a longer delivery time. Another strategy is to sell a really great bargain to the first few buyers, because you will benefit not only from what they pay you but also their feedback. If I were you I would make more gigs and split up your original gig by demographics/goals/or what have you. You could make one that offers a diet plan and one that offers a fitness plan, one to tone and one to lose weight, one targeted towards women and one targeted towards men. THEN include in each of the gigs a buy one get one free deal that makes logical sense like if they buy the exercise plan they get the meal/diet plan free. Again after you have built up credibility (and sales!) you can edit your gigs and end the offer.

Be honest, respectful, and professional with buyers, work hard, and hone your skills and you’ll do get here!

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To be honest, I’m not interested. But thank you for the promo nonetheless.

Promote it on fitness forums. Or you could start your own fitness blog and post links to the workout plan there.


Reply to @artpoliticslife: THANKS!

Reply to @jonbaas: I think he needs to tweet all the time. Yes, must have sufficient followers over there! I hope it will work out.

Just like most people said here, go out there and promote your gigs on websites and places where it fits, you will get a lot more traffic and eventually buyers that way!

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I agree. Twitter is an excellent place to promote a gig, but, you’re right, you do need followers to make those tweet worthwhile.

help me here

Reply to @artpoliticslife: how do you add gig extras to your gig?

Create a unique gig with high quality, fiverr will help you get more sales :slight_smile: