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How to get more clicks on my gig?

My gig link -

I have published my first gig on Fiverr 5 days ago. After one day, I saw that my gig gets 5 clicks but now I am seeing the same 5 clicks as 5 days gone. Another thing I noticed is that my gig impressions are rising.
So, how can I get more clicks as well as impressions so that I can get my first order from a client?
Can anybody give me any suggestions or advice regarding my topic?


You should remove unlimited revisions, as this can cause people to scam you, you should change the revisions to 2-10. Secondly you should maybe add a video of yourself removing the background with some text saying " i will remove background from 15 photos" or anything that is relevant to your gig. Also add abstract and eye catching images. Hope this helps you! :smiley:


Thanks a lot brother, hope your suggestions help me get my first client and grow on Fiverr.

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You welcome! Hope you get orders soon!

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