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How to get more clients in design?

I have been on Fiverr since the past 1 year and have received only 2 clients yet. Any tips/suggestions on how to expand my reach to new people would be greatly appreciated.


Approve Your gig and SEO optimize to your gig as well as send daily buyer request. stay online

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I will suggest you to share your gigs in social media (like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook) it will help you to reach more people!

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#1 fix the TOS breach on your Gig. You must not link to your Instaham or any other account. There is an approved link list you can use for Portfolio etc. Clear TOS breaches in your gig will scare away good buyers as if you are a rule-breaker in this, where else will you break promises?

I am not sure Fiverr is the place where people come for pillows or wall art. Etsy or similar maybe. I am not saying don’t be here, just that this is probably not where those buyers are.

Work on making your gig more personal. I think your art is probably your art but with so many here selling cheap but delivering clip art you really need to personalize - people buy from people so find ways to show that you are the artist, that buying from you makes the person a supporter of the arts and the artisan. You sell vanity and deliver a picture.

Every day in places like this I lose to people who sell things they say are what I do but at a fraction of the cost which makes people think I cost too much. When in actual fact I price very well (too well possibly). the people winning the business use Presets (the equivalent of clip art) often in stolen DAW software, and deliver poor results. It takes a while for people to realize that they bought poorly as the sellers work to keep people mystified. This is the reality of freelance spaces. Try to set up somewhere you have control as this will never be that.



Thanks for the info!


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Will do that!

Thanks and cheers!

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