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How to get more clients?


I’ve been trying to find ways to improve my gigs throughout the many months I’ve been a member of this site, but there just doesn’t seem to be any buyers who are willing to buy my gigs. Any ideas?


Your profile could be more professional. Check other profiles for ideas but do NOT copy them.


Done! I tried to make it more professional, but it may not be the best. Thanks for the advice!


Use proper tags in gigs, use these two keywords in title and description such as “high quality” "exclusive"
Make extra gig
Send buyer requests
Stay in proper category


Hello @kimberlymin,
I was wrote something same in other topic and I hope that could help you a little. Take a look.
There is some direction, but also you need to keep work hard.
Wish you all the best in future! :slight_smile:


I will keep these in mind when I’m correcting my gigs. Thanks for the advice!


I will keep those tips in mind. Thanks for the advice(s)!


Advertise your gig more and more which will help you to increase the viewer. You can use the social media to advertise your Gig primarily. Click Here.


I wish I could do that easily, but I barely have any followers on any of my social media because I’m not active on a lot of them. I was thinking of making a blog, but then I failed… So, I just have to hope for the best. Thanks for the advice though!


You’re most welcome. Don’t you use facebook/email? You just send your link via facebook or directly email your link to your close friends. I think you can do it easily.


You need to remove the bit about 2 years and learning. People don’t want to buy from someone who says they are learning. Being positive is what it is all about.


Alright–I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks!


Is it better now…?


Much more positive! :slight_smile:


Thanks for making it better! I appreciate it. :grin:


You are welcome. Now get to work on the suggestions given by other posters.
Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile: