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How to get more customers for my Gig?

Hi, I have created a new gig offering my experience to others but have not received any orders yet. Any advice to increase likeliness?

Welcome to Fiverr.

What have you done to advertise your gig?
Why not create more than one gig?
Have you considered charging $5 until you get a few reviews?
Maybe try using a picture of yourself as your profile pic.
Include a video of yourself introducing your services.

Good luck!

Thanks, how long do you think it will take if I use your advice before I receive orders.

It’s literally impossible to predict. You could get a buyer today… Or perhaps in 6 months.

Are you sending out offers on the Buyer’s Request section daily?

No, could you run me through how to do that please? Thanks again for the help!

Time to do some reading: :sunny: