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How to get more delivery time?

My buyer on Fiverr gave me an offer to write a 30,000 word eBook in 3 days. There are 16 hours left and I can write only 10,000. Of course, I have a family too and I need to eat and sleep too.

Also, there is a festival on Sunday for which I need to do some arrangements.

I tried requesting my buyer but he is not responding.

What can I do now?


OMG you took that Gig knowing that you were unlikely to be able to complete esp seeing you have other commitments!!!

You should never have taken this Gig as even the best writers will max out at about 5,000 words on a good day (note a “good day” is not every day). That is at best, 15,000 words. You accepted twice that.

Honestly any Gig like that is clearly set up to fail. The buyer won’t respond. They expect you to fail and to take the results you do have for free. Do not Deliver (or send) send them anything that is not 100% finished as not only does it breach TOS but they will keep it.

I think talk to CS and Cancel the gig. Maybe CS will be kind enough to do it for you as this is clearly totally mental. This will mess up some of your stats but it always was going to.

Respect yourself more next time and get proper terms or walk away.



First of all, you have done something invalid. You should commit your timelines first and then accept orders. Now, you should contact Customer Support and request them. But, it won’t work as a side note. The only thing you can do is to find one or more writing partners and outsource them! I hope it might work!


This is my first order for writing eBook gig so I messed it up.


Thanks for your help.


That you did :flushed:

We just about all do with our first (or at least one of our first three) as we get a little too hopeful (greedy).

You DO NOT want to let this get to allowing the buyer (and I use that term loosely if they expected those results) to Review you as they will bury you. A cancellation you can overcome.

Get out asap and do some real work on self-valuation (easy to say, harder to do).



you can get more delivery time regulation center. if possible need permission your client

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Did you use the Resolution Center to ask the buyer for an extension? This is the only way you can get around delivering late.

Since you understand you goofed with this first ebook order, I would suggest you go and edit the delivery time on that Gig to like 7 days at least, so you will have plenty of time next time you get an order if something comes up or you do not factor in other activities or commitments you have already made.



He extended delivery time at the very last moment saying that he had some emergency. But now he is asking for the work I have done so far so that he can add graphics into it.

I don’t want to be victim of any fraud because I spoilt my day and night on it. What should I say to him?

Shall I say it’s not allowed because he himself chose single milestone for this project?

As expected.

My opinion: He wants to get what he can before he jettisons you. You can take a gamble, with very poor odds I think esp if you have Infinite Revisions or Money Back or 100% Satisfaction on your gig as they are an insta-out for the scammer, even after the whole job is settled and paid. I think he always knew the job was undoable and wants you to fail after he gets what he can so he can take any work done (and sent to him) for free.


  • Cancel now, take the hit to stats and look for a genuine job with a genuine buyer. This does not give him anything and also prevents him putting any kind of review. You cannot get paid. I don’t recall you saying what this job was supposed to pay but I am not sure you will ever truly get that money (which is probably pathetically low anyway).
  • Complete the whole Job and Deliver, as in right now tell him “No, I will not feel comfortable sending incomplete work” (he doesn’t own this work yet as you are unpaid). Once you Deliver he can call Revisions, claim he doesn’t like the job and Cancel (after he has the work in his hand), accept and Review (which may or may not be positive), and still Cancel if you have the terms above in your gig.

You have to decide. My gut is pretty clear that this will never come out in your favor so the only way to have any control in this (messy) situation is to take everything away.

Either way, learn your lesson in how this got to here.

I feel for you, I really do. It is hard to find decent work. Just this week I had two people seem super interested until they saw the contract and realized that they would not be able to walk away with the work for free (my contract is firm :skull_and_crossbones:).

Let us know what you decide and how this goes


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I told him I can partial deliver work and it worked. Today delivered complete work.

Thank you all for your help. :slight_smile: Though I made a mess.

I’m glad it worked out this time.