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How to get more feedback?

I have just started on Fiverr and made around 22 sales, yet only 11 feedback. All my feedback is positive, and I ask for feedback in the delivery, but how can I get more people to leave feedback??

We also explain why reviews are important for us, that raised our review rate.

Reply to @dtongsports: Thank you very much! You’re a great help!

I wouldn’t push the feedback issue. You may not get good results. You will probably naturally get half to 2/3 of the people give reviews. Quality not Quantity.

Reply to @landongrace: Ah okay! What is your order to review ratio?

1300 orders, 668 reviews. No negative feedback.

I think after you have 100 with no negative reviews, you are in good shape.

Yeah, feedback is tough to beg for as some people only order once from fiverr and bolt, some people don’t want to waste the time, and some just don’t know how to.

I’m with @landongrace, here are my stats for this:

6288 completed 2.2K not rated. Only 8 negative through almost 4 years.

One thing I do if I’m looking for a little boost in feedback (usually when I get a 4 star review or lower for whatever reason) is go to the completed orders in the last 20-25 days who didn’t rate and send them a kind message to induce them to. So far, no one person has rated below 5 stars that I have sent this message to.

"Hi, I see you didn’t have the time to rate the gig 5 stars. If you could, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and have a great day! - DTong"

You will find that some people will do it in a second or they reply kindly that they must have forgotten and get it done for you.

I say the last 20-25 days because after 30 days, they can’t rate anyway.

You’re not going to get everyone who didn’t rate to do so, but it will get a few extra 5 stars per month just by doing this I guarantee it.

DTong (TRS)

There’s no need to be pushy about it. When most people are happy with the service, their natural inclination is to leave a positive review. What has worked well for me (I’ve gotten reviews for all of my orders except for one), is… “P.S.: Positive ratings/reviews mean the world to me. I want to get my services out to as many people as possible and your kind words will help me out tremendously.” Definitely use your intuition with this, though. If someone seems really unhappy or indifferent, just leave them be.

I think 11 reviews in 22 sales in good … It’s normal…

Some buyer give feedback some not, its not problem… yes its a fact to get positive review, buyer get impress if show huge positive review, they attract on that seller who have big positive review.


As Landongrace said, be careful not to be too "pushy."

There have been a few comments from other buyers here on the Fiverr forum which indicated that some sellers had been so, um, “insistent” about five-star that the buyers now refuse to rate anybody.

You’re probably pretty safe with polite requests along the lines of, “Thanks for your order. I appreciate your business. If you could take a moment to fill in the ratings (the green box with the stars), it would really help me out.” A couple of my favourite sellers use this gentle approach.

By contrast, on the other extreme, refusing to provide the final deliverable unless the buyer first gives all five-star ratings is likely to result in the buyer contacting Customer Service… There was a recent forum thread that claimed a seller had taken an approach like that. It didn’t end well.

Also, if the buyer leaves what looks like a nice review in the message thread for the gig, but doesn’t leave an actual review, it’s probably okay to politely request that the fill in the stars and comment in the green box. There’s something about the layout of the page that makes the review box look like it’s just a divider, if you aren’t paying close attention. I’ve done this twice, myself, but caught my mistake before the seller needed to remind me. So, I imagine that someone with even less computer skill - or worse vision - than I have might miss it completely.



Reply to @kjblynx: i mean my client buy 2 gig for same project. 1 same day 1 another day … so i got 2 different ratting for same project…

Reply to @catsquirrel: Thanks for your Superb idea…