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How to get more fiverr impressions

recently i listed 3 gigs 1st one is logo design 2nd one is businesscard design then 3rd one is flyer & brochure design i have 13K impressions for businesscard design & 9K impressions for flyer & brochure design but the 1st one i listed the logo designs only 530 single impressions what can i do to get more impressions have to change gig tags or anything else I’m so disappointed in this matter anyone help me to get more impressions in logo designs


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Well Thanks i think my brother change these tags thanks for your Help !

Well, honestly, you could start by changing those tags: this is an online marketplace, and I don’t think that buyers are looking for hot girls, sexy girls or bread(?).

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I hope this article will be help you

Great Tips for new seller.

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Marketing is the best way…
You can marketing your gig in another social media :slight_smile:

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There is no point in digging up and replying to old posts!

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