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How to get more gift amount for promotion?

Hi, when a seller uses the entire $10 amount of gig promotion, then it starts deducting the promotion amount from the Fiverr balance or other sources of payments. Should a seller expect more gift amounts from Fiverr?

I’m asking this question just because after spending the gift amount, it is still showing as $0 on the “Promotions Page”. So, maybe it has something to do with that. Thanks


No. Once that promotion amount is gone, there is no more provided by Fiverr. Have you read this thread yet? Sponsored gigs: progress report!

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Why would you expect more gifts?


The starting $10 is a freebie from Fiverr to entice sellers to utilize the program. Once it’s used up, you either continue funding Promoted Gigs with earnings from your account or a separate payment method (credit card or Paypal account), or you just turn it off.

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I’m expecting because it is still showing the text of gifted $0 with gift box icon. It should be completely removed after it gets to zero dollars.