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How to get more impresions?

Hi Friends,

Can anyone answer my question?
What is the difference between ‘impressions’ and ‘clicks’?

I received an order to change the background of the image, its impressions crosses 1.2k. Some gigs has very low impressions, which were not get any orders. Is there any relationship between Order and Impressions?

Jayadev G Pala


If your gig have a good impression it means while buyers searching for the type of service you are selling you gig is showing up. It means your gig is reaching to buyers. If your gig doesn’t reach to buyer how they will order! It is the relation between impressions and order


how much impresion do you need to have to get orders ? 2000 per day ? per month ?
greetings ! @vivi123

There is no such limit of impression! That if you get this much impression you will get order!

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The general theory is that the more impressions you get, the more orders you’ll get, but that’s not always the case. Some services are more in need than others. I’ve got five gigs going, and one of my gigs that gets lower impressions than others still gets more orders than some of the high-impression ones because it’s something really in need. So basically what that means is that it’s a really high-conversion service with a lot of people competing and a lot of people buying. Less people may see my gig, but the people that do see it are much more likely to buy it. So I’d worry about providing a gig that people really need, and the impressions and orders will come.


good point of view, thanks to share your experience and opinion !!
greeting from @vivi123