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How to get more impression and click?

I am a new seller in Fiverr. I have two gigs. I am getting 10-20 impressions but not to get the click. I want to know this. How to increase impressions and click.
Please to say about this.
Thank you


You cannot increase impressions, because you have no control over this statistics. Impressions are only registered when someone else searches for gigs like yours in the search results, and your gig shows up. You cannot do much to control clicks, because clicks are registered when someone sees your gig in the search results, and clicks on it.

Focus on reaching out to your target customers, and bring them into your gigs. Use good keywords, and leave the clicks and impressions to the searchers and buyers who create them.


The only way to you can increase your impression or click is to promote your gig. Which I think is waste of money.
Many of the sellers will tend to promote on social media, to gain more exposure. But very very unlikely that you will get your order via social media


NO! Promoting gigs does NOT increase impressions. Impressions are only increased when other people search for gigs like yours, and only when they search, of their own choosing, in the Fiverr search system. You cannot do anything to guarantee more impressions, because you have no control over how impressions are created. None. Nada. I really wish people would stop telling people that this is how impressions are increased. Your promotion, and Fiverr’s impressions on your gigs have absolutely nothing in common. They are not related, in any way.


Exactly, I had test it out before. I join some social media group and test out for 1-2 weeks, just exchanging clicks ( like you click their gig links and see and save their gig. ) And this will actually increase impression, but those are FAKE, and are just make you FEEL good. So after testing out, I quit and start focus on my gig :slight_smile:


change your gig search tag and shard social media


Can i direct share fiverr gig link?
Have a any problem?

No probel share your gig link direct

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absolutely correct. the only way to get more impression or click just add right keyword

Hi Saki,
You get impressions when your gig is searched and viewed by the buyers and when they click on your gig, these are notified and show on your gig. You should focus to promote your gig in search results so that more traffic may come to your gig and more orders you can achieve. Remember, working on this platform is unending struggle. It is then we get unending success.
Best of luck.


Can you please guide me how to promote gig in search results? I am getting no clicks.

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Make your #tags more simple so people can see your profile easily.

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