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How to get more Impression and order?

Hello Expert Seller,
I’m lira. Level two seller on Fiverr. But last few month suffer some issues. I was got too much low impression and order. Actually I was lot’s my impression. It’s very painful for me. But I keep trying with patience and faith. I’m waiting for some advance and tips for my impression growth.

Impression was 30k+
But Right Now 200+ :expressionless:

Thank You


try focus on your keywords, maybe the keywords you used is not more useful or clients not searching it to much


Thank You. I will try my best. and use low competitive keywords.

Continue your effort.
Best of Luck!

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You’ve got a few gigs out; that’s good.
That’s usually a great show of expertise.
Now, you need to share your profile to all social media.

You never know where you’ll get traffic.

Next, you need to send out buyer requests, and bid as low as possible.
By doing this, I hope you will get more gig impression as well as order.