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How to get more impressions and my first click?

I am currently creating professional Discord servers and coaching gamers for a cheap realistic price. With eye-catching screenshots and a detailed explanation of what each package includes. Currently at a total of 50 impressions with each gig. 6 on my coaching guide and 44 on my Discord server gig. Any tips on how to get more impressions, clicks and potentially my first purchase would be extremely appreciated. Thanks to anyone who responds!

  • itisfrxd

hi! i also started very little and i also waiting for my fisrt order, but in my opinion the secret is be as self as possible and usually patient

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Hey itisfrxd! You should add a video to your gig if you haven’t already as fiverr says that it increases engagement by 40% and use relevant tags too! Make sure to price your packages reasonably and last but not least be patient! I have many impressions and clicks but no orders but i’m still patiently waiting to get an order :smiley:

Thanks for your advice man! I’m going to add a video covering my gigs and hopefully I can get my first click! Thankyou very much and good luck in the future!


You welcome! also you should promote your gig to social media :slight_smile:

Hi @itisfrxd

To gain impressions, you only need to do 2 things:

  1. Have good correct tag - keywords (where people type keyword searching your service)
  2. Do a promotion from sosmed.

Good impressions should be around 2-3k each week to have a steady order coming without relying on buyer request.

Please note that good impressions means nothing if your clicks is very low.


Yes. I’m going to start doing this. Do you recommend I make new social media accounts and self promote myself to get followers? Any tips on how to advertise the best way?

Hey! Thanks for the advice! I think most of my tags are good at the moment. Could you tell me a little more about ‘Get a promotion from sosmed’? I’m not sure what this means. Thanks!

Do promotion form your social media account.
My favorite is from twitter. I tweet some of my personal works and share my fiverr gigs link there.
With good tag, you can get impressions from each tweet

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Okay thanks! What tags do you recommend I use on Twitter?

How to share our works in twitter and be observed by potential buyer? I mean i have twitter account with little ammount of followers and most of them are my college friends which are not my target market.

In facebook we can join some groups and share our works there because the market is there (no need to be friends with/followed by potential buyer) How does it work in twitter? Should i join some kinds of group or use certain hashtags to be noticeable? Thankyou!

You should think yourself.
Each service has different keyword tag.

Yes…, that is correct.
You should use correct hastag.
People who search and using same hastag will see your tweet. If they see your tweet and attracted with your images, then hopefully will click your gigs link.

Hi @itisfrxd, welcome to Fiverr!

Your Gigs have been set up well—good job! The description is set out nicely with dot points and it’s very detailed. Your images are fairly eye-catching, too. One thing I’d recommend is to make use of the FAQ. They’re a great place to include extra info and convince the buyer that you’re what they’re looking for.

Also, with your profile, I’d recommend filling out the “skills” section with skills that are relevant to the services you’re offering on Fiverr. You’ve currently only got “boxing”, and, let’s be honest, if you’re a customer looking for someone to create a Discord server for you, you won’t care about their hobbies, you just want to know if they can get the job done. With that said, I’d recommend adding skills like “Discord”, “Making Discord Servers”, “Gaming Coach” etc. Other than that, your profile looks great! :+1:

I hope this was helpful and best of luck with your Gigs!

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Every Starter Have a same Issue.
You need To think Where you can Market This.

You can Google about this.

I can just say that if You creat a perfect SEO & SHARE ON social media, i think you can do better. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Thankyou so much! I will set this up in the morning.

Best of luck in the future.