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How to get more knock from buyer


How to get more message from buyer, Give some instruction. I’m new at fiverr.


Why would you want a buyer to knock you? Doesn’t seem a very friendly thing to do.


I don’t know how I show my gig to buyer to find me. One week have been passed but I don’t have any knock from buyer. I sent buyer request continuously.


Do you mean you haven’t had any messages from potential buyers?

Perhaps your responses to buyer requests aren’t quite hitting the mark? If you do a search on the forum you’ll find lots of help.



I’ve seen this term used many times. I immediately think about :boxing_glove: :boxing_glove: :crazy_face:

I guess “knock” in your parts of the world. Pretty much mean messages/orders?


knock on the door

To present (itself) to one as a possibility in the near future. Usually refers to opportunities or desirable options.

They probably meant this :arrow_up: :wink:



Thanks for your valuable suggestion.