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How to get more order A very simple tip every seller should follow

A lots of seller are worried due to less order and some even not receive a single order so i give you a very simple tip ( STAY ONLINE ) :slight_smile: it will also rank up your gigs and lots of buyers are looking for the sellers who are online so at least stay 8 to 12 hours online on your laptop or pc and you get order :wink:

Thanks for reading.


Or use your mobile app . . . :iphone:


With the mobile app, I’m 24hours on-line.


How do you know this?

Just curious.


Staying online will NOT guarantee more orders. This is a terrible tip, and terrible advice. The only thing staying online will do, is allow you to respond to messages sooner – which may, or may not, lead to orders later on. Fast communication does not guarantee orders either.

New sellers really need to stop posting this “tip” as a guarantee for more orders. It’s false. Incorrect, and leads to many new sellers complaining when this “guarantee” doesn’t come true. There are no sales guarantees by staying signed into Fiverr. Fiverr even states that that offer no sales guarantees at all, just because a seller has gigs on this site.

Buyers will purchase from you – whether you are online or not – if they want to work with you.

Also keep in mind, Fiverr is not a place where every buyer will send you a message before ordering. Some – a few – a minority – of buyers might message you first, but most will just place an order if they have need of your services.

And finally, staying online has NOTHING to do with gig ranking. Nothing at all.

You, and others… please stop sharing this false, and completely inaccurate “tip”. There are no sales guarantees of any kind on Fiverr, whether you are online or not.


Like Jon Bass put it so eloquently, I don’t ever check to see if a seller is online.

If seller has what I need, all I want to know is, have they delivered recently? If yes, then they are active, I order.

Most of my regular, and even non regular sellers, are not in the same time zone as me. I expect them to sleep occasionally. :grin::grin:


My tip to how to get more orders:
Be /act professional. If you are professional, you’rs already a step closer ( no guarantee though) to getting sales. If you don’t know what professional means, you’ll need to work harder on understanding what it means to be one. And yes, it takes time. Is it simple? Nah, not really…


i get more order when i am online i just share my experience :slight_smile:


I get my order when i am not online! So, i am not sure being online will give some extra advantage. Seller get order when they have well described gig, good reviews and with good communication.


Sharing your experience is fine, just say that it’s your experience, not a tip that is guaranteed to work for everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:


Did you ask every single buyer if their order was the result of you being online, so that you have a measurable result to base your experience on? Otherwise it is just a guess.


I am always online and My account is more than 2 months old with just 2 orders so far…I have edits, and tweak severally and no positive response. I had issue with my password reset before which I had to write to CS for weeks before it was sorted out and I am not sure what might be the cause…

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I am agree with you.
To stay online will be only helpful to reduce response rate. or may be to get only a few orders, not that much imporessive


Thankkksss for the tips ! :sunglasses:

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You should always display on fiverr APP. When your mobile is sleep then fiverr app will not show online

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I do not understand what you mean? Is there a way to let people know I am sleeping?

At four this morning my phone beeped, and it was a message on Fiverr with a request to book one of my gigs. I responded because my response rate was in the red. Then a 6 am I got another gig offer. The thing is I was booked for two days, and both gig requests were “urgent.”


Sleep when you need to sleep. Your health is more important than “being available” to immediately answer Fiverr messages. You’re not going to be penalized for turning off Fiverr, getting a full night’s rest, and then signing back into Fiverr when you wake up.

Yes, Fiverr encourages sellers to respond quickly to messages, but you’ll still be just fine if you sleep a full night, and then answer a message 4-5 hours after it was sent.

The fact that so many new sellers think their availability needs to revolve around Fiverr 24/7 is ridiculous. You have a life – don’t be afraid to live it. Fiverr will still be here – messages will still be here – even if you’re away and don’t respond for a few hours.

Just don’t wait a whole day to respond to new messages, and you’ll be fine. :wink:


Switch your phone to silent overnight, or untick the mobile notifications from your dashboard until the morning. :smiley:


Dear Cousin Jon,
You have been so helpful in answering my questions. I hope we really are related. Thank you for your answer.
Maybe a shirttail cousin,
Vickie Bass/Spencer :grin:


You’re welcome! I’m always happy to help! :smiley:

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