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How to get more order in first month

hi i am a new in fiverr and not get first order give me very happiness but i am not get second order. any one give me tips to improve our order?


Hello, you can improve your gig descriptions. This is how sellers get orders:;
WITH A GREAT GIG DESCRIPTION. Take out the smiley faces. You need someone to re-write the gig descriptions for you.

Here is one of your gig descriptions. It is not one that will cause anyone to buy it:

Create teespring Shirts as u want
Hi, i will Make T shirt designs of an type like typography or stencil
Printable Resolution File
UNLIMITED Revisions
1 day Delivery

If you need help with this you can hire someone to re write it for you.

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thanks to give me tips.if possible write more for my discription…

@seme_designer another tip is (add a video of yourself explaining what you will do

thanks essyjoseph to give me tip.

helo misscrystal see my post and tell me how i write good discription, you wrote for me???

Make sure you are promoting your gigs on social media often as well.

thanks serpant57

I’m just sharing my gigs on facebook groups.

I also have about this service.
This gave me some order

thanks for tips…ok i try…

give me tips to get first order in fiver
sorry for asking on reply

Just Choose Best keywords for your title which have low competition and hope your gig will rank and then you will get your first order or more orders if clients search on your keywords.

promote your gigs to social media

Hello, After optimizing your gig description, you should head to the buyer request section and propose to the jobs you can perfectly do, and try to be competitive and offer the buyer a discounted price, you should get yourself a couple of 5 stars ratings to get things going.

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