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How To Get MORE Order – Trick Revealed


Having Question:

WHY buyer place order with others instead of me?
WHY other sellers selling more than i ?
WHAT is the POINT that make client to buy my service?

Not to worry much, if you follow the right path and deliver good manners when you interact with buyer.

Here are some tricks that you might missed:


Download Fiverr app and set the app to be SHOW ONLINE, make setting in your phone to always keep FIverr app running at backstage.

Client prefer to send request to those are shown ONLINE.


Whenever a buyer give you positive review, make good use of this opportunity, spend some effort in writing a good review back to your buyer and most IMPORTANT ! write down their company/ job/ website or anything you did for them.

A serious buyer will read all your info in Fiverr before placing the order, especially your review.

You may read my profile review, so client will learn that i am providing varies of job in Fiverr and they will have more confident to deal with you.


I always set the delivery in 3 days in my offer, but i do always send the delivery within 1 day.

When a client place an order, they feel exciting and hope to receive the delivery ASAP. So i grant their wish,surprising them with extra fast delivery and without extra charge.

When clients feel happy, they will come back to you again.


You might provide added value or extra service for client, please remember to TELL them what is the EXTRA that you have done for them.

Some buyer will always take things for granted, so telling them what have you done in extra will give better impression to the client.

NEVER EVER wait for the client to discover it by themselves.

I hope some of my suggestion might able to inspire you for a better idea to attract clients.
Any comment, sharing or feedback is welcomed and highly appreciated.

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Great tips! Well so far I have always done that and offered quality service to my buyers. But orders haven’t been regular. What do you suggest I do? Your response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



1,You can check and reply the Buyer Request often. 2,Do send greetings to your previous buyer and check whether they have new job for you.
3, share your gig to social media

Most important, check your gig analysis, if you facing low conversion rate, you probably should modify your gig introduction and service package


Please do not send greetings (or anything else) to previous buyers as it may be seen as spam, and you may be reported.


You may do it once in a while, to maintain the relationship with the buyer. Friendship in business is important.
Spam or not is very depending on the contents you write.


I’m sorry - that’s just not the case on Fiverr - if you were working on your own website, it would be great to keep up a relationship.

As far as Fiverr goes, once the sale’s over, so is the conversation, regardless of the contents of the email.

If you want to risk your account, that’s entirely up to you, but please don’t suggest it to other users.


I’m sorry - that’s just not the case on Fiverr - if you were working on your own website, it would be great to keep up a relationship.


I agree with this. Spam does not depend on the contents. It is spam if it is unsolicited - if the buyer did not ask for further contact then contacting them is spam, always!

Clients may prefer to contact someone who is online but only if they actually respond. There is no point in being shown as online if you are not responding to messages. In fact, buyers have posted on the Forum complaining about sellers who show as online but do not respond.


Great Forum Topic & Tip For Seller !! - Liked it !

Here is few more points you can follow every single order and overall in your fiverr gig selling progress.

  • Read fiverr policy , Terms & Conditions more then 3 time and understand it well , ( if required print out via printer and get handy ) it useful to handle fake / scheme buyer and very useful when some scheme buyer come to hire you. You can save your self from different situations that usually happen with major sellers.

  • Provide services that you are confident about. That you can provide best of your best to your customer & understand customers requirements . Deliver order once you both party are satisfied. Do not send order delivery without know what customer expect from you. That can create bad situation for you .

  • Show your top notch projects / portfolio to your customer. Add portfolios that is your best of best . Though portfolio they can hire you as that is best way to impress / earn trust. Accept order once you understand & Clear project requirements / discussion with customer via messages.

  • Most Important : Do not do chat communication with your buyer , ( 1 on 1 messages , instant messages in fiverr messages ) , Reply with clear explanation . ask everything in just 1 or 2 messages when project is on communication / discussion stage. Explain to your customer what you can do and what you can’t in 1 or 2 message.

  • Make gig description very clear and understandable . Upload portfolio images with good quality . Make sure do not use any images that is not your copyright ! When you write your gigs description make sure your all most impotent skill points cover.


Thanks a lot that helps😊


I agree with @maxpoon275: it’s ok to tickle former clients especially if they are repeat clients you haven’t sold to in a while. I’ve gotten a few of those messages from sellers and I don’t mind, especially if they’re offering a new, related service or something interesting. Sometimes I read the messages and sometimes I don’t, depending on how busy I AM, but I don’t mind getting them – it’s good business to keep in touch and I hope fiverr recognizes this and doesn’t punish sellers for it.


Fiverr recognises any unsolicited communication as spam. Not all buyers are like you and may report it as spam. This can result in messaging being suspended or further action from Fiverr.
I agree in normal business relationships “touching base” with clients is good practice but here it is not allowed.


I do not agree. Not every buyer appreciates or wants to deal with spam messages from sellers.


Great tips! Well so far I have always done that and offered quality service to my buyers. But orders haven’t been regular. What do you suggest I do? Your response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I agree, but I think that there may be exceptions if you have a long-term working relationship with the buyer. Because the series of projects is ongoing, I think it’s acceptable to contact a buyer about relevant information. Perhaps let them know the dates you will be on vacation and send them a quick message when you return. My buyers sometimes contact me in this way even if we do not have an open order. If they initiate this sort of professional communication, I think it can be OK to reciprocate.


@brejay If they initiate it, yes, you should definitely answer them. However, if they haven’t contacted you for a while, and if they haven’t indicated that they need something from you, messaging them out of the blue can be seen (and reported, as some sellers have found out) as spam.


@brejay: I agree that is something between you and your buyer.

I, on the other hand, agree with @catwriter.

I have worked with around 50 sellers on Fiverr and as a buyer, I find it to be “spam” when someone messages me out of the blue to keep in touch. I do not need to know when all 50+ sellers go on vacation, is busy, is free, random custom offer or say hello to me. I would prefer to come on the forum to chat.


Hi I am new here and I will definitely put these tips into practice. Thank you much.


Great article, I will use your above tips for my gigs marketing.


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