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How to get more orders and get Seller Level 1 through 7 gigs

Hello Fiver Community! I hope of you are all right. The link which I displayed above is that. I have made 7 different gigis on the skill which I have and I want to work on each gig. Unfortunately, till then now, I have not attain Seller Level 1. I have seen other fiveer sellers that they got Seller Level 1 on their just 1st gig. My response time shows that I am interested and keen to work on fiveer. Please, guide me about how to attain orders and get Seller Level…

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I will suggest to you. at first you promote your one gigs. after that you try next step.


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Thanks by promoting only one gig.

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Welcome… , Faisal235

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Hi Faisal

1: Your average Response time is 4 hour. Reply within 1 hour so that your average response time comes to 1 hour It would be better.
2: Read this It will be helpfull.



promote your gig on social media.keep online status

If you want help you just need to create your own new topic.