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How to get more orders as new seller

I didn’t get any orders after completing my first order. How can I get my 2nd and more order? I’m staying online for at least 14-15 hours a day. What can I do now to get more orders?


Use the search bar above and enter exactly this question. There are a great many replies to it already that you may find useful


Same problem, I need help

Submit proposals on buyer request regularly.

Read the tips you have in the forum.
There are so many tips you can succeed in the forum.
Always read the forum tips when you are relaxing.
Then you can find answers to all your problems.

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Hi there.

Newseller usual mistake: They don’t bother to read and learn rom fiverr tutorial.
Fiverr gave us five gigs on the first start. You should maximize your options —> this will make your service more proffesional, show your client that you an expert in your field.

Fiverr Gigs thumbnail need more works, not interesting – doesn’t look professional.
and saw a watermarked image?

FAQS: Your faqs answer is like a child answer.
For example: “Do you know how to generate quality leads and collect 100% valid leads?”
Do not provide with "Yes, I know…, …, "

For overall gigs is good overall, but not enough power to convincing people to order from you.
Better look and learn from your main competitor.
and need to improve the Faq sections greatly,

Wish you luck,


Thanks for your sharing.

Thanks so much. I will follow your instructions.