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How to get more orders can you plz help?

I am new here want to earn money from I am a web design and developer. I can give the quality work and honestly I am a hard worker women. But I can’t get any orders. I send buyers request and only get 1 sell. Can you plz get some suggestion for increase more sells and get orders in my account. This is my Gig.

Thanks a lot everyone in group.

Kazi Tamanna

Kazi, welcome to Fiverr! You just joined in March and already had 1 sale which is great. A lot of newbies are waiting weeks if not months to get sales. One of the things I noticed is your introduction and your gig description could use a bit of work. You might want to consider buying a writing gig from someone here on Fiverr since English is not your first language to make you gig description more appealing. Best of luck

You must have a lot of positive reviews and build your portfolio. Share your gigs on facebook groups and twitter