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How to get more orders daily

Hello can anyone teach me tricks on how to get as much as 10 orders everyday and 10 new customers every week? Please help. No advice is too little.

There are no tricks for exactly what you describe. Fiverr has ebb and flow for nearly every active seller level 1 to TRS to Super Seller. At any level, a consistent # of orders daily would be unlikely. 10 new customers every week is a pipe dream. You might get 1 this week, 12 next week, 0 for 3 weeks, etc.

10 orders everyday would get you around $280 a week and even a few new clients regularly is like getting a “raise.” Regular pay and a steady climb That’s a job, not freelancing. To run a business on Fiverr, you’ll probably need to drop phrases like “every day/week” and ask questions as an entrepreneur instead of an employee. :slight_smile:

@fonthaunt is right, if you do everything perfectly, organic growth is inevitable! It took me years to get to where I am now, in the beginning I got a new order every three or four days, nowadays there are multiple ones a day! It is all about making your clients happy!