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How to get more ORDERS from Buyer Requests? [FOR SERIOUS SELLERS]]


First, let me start out by setting the right expectations for you.

You won’t magically start receiving tons of orders when you first start out. Heck, you should be prepared to receive exactly 0 orders. But you need to be persistent, this is the key.

A well-known fact that has kept my motivation levels high even when I have experienced stagnation in my career is:

If Nikola Tesla could fail THOUSANDS of times, then how bad is this in comparison.

You haven’t gotten an order in your first week? Good. Change something, be more active, do more.
No one has answered your Buyer Requests Submissions? Good. Change your copy, change your style, send more.

Your persistence and time will be rewarded, that is just how things work. But don’t expect to receive if you haven’t given first.
Now, after setting your expectations, let us begin with the fun part - crafting your buyer request submission in order to generate ORDERS


Don’t be a seller.

Well doesn’t this sound controversial? But let me explain. You need to show empathy for your buyer and his needs.

Don’t start selling him your services, there isn’t a successful salesman that has achieved long-term prosperity by shoving his products down his buyer troats.

Focus your attention on HIM and not on you. To do that you need to have:

  • Carefully read his buyer request;
  • Understood his true needs and desires;
  • Show him how you can help HIM.

There are numerous studies on focus groups that show that advertising (a form of selling) stops working the second you mention I, Me, We, Our. But why is that? I am not going to spoil it for you, this will be your homework :wink:

TLDR: Focus on your buyer, don’t hard sell him anything, show him how his particular problem/need can be solved by your needs.


One more thing. I sincerely think that measuring our conversion rates from Buyer Request Submission is a good idea.

So fill out the poll and be objective. The information can be used to determine how are you doing compared to other sellers.

How many orders did you get from your last 100 Buyer Request Submissions?

  • 10+
  • 5
  • 3
  • 1
  • None

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I don’t use buyer request for my ghostwriting gig cuz the budgets aren’t enough to get me out of bed. However I started using it for my cover art gig a couple weeks ago. I sent out 6 request and got 3 jobs out of it. In fact I only have 3 sales on that gig and they all came from buyer request. I can be very convincing at times and only apply for jobs in my skill range.


You do bring a valid point. For niche gigs such as your gig the Buyer Request might not be the best choice. But as you have found out for yourself, they can bring great results for others.

If you do not mind sharing, did you create unique submissions for all of the 6 request you sent offers to?


Wow, that sounds good.
I have sent more 72 requests now, and I have got only one job.
Can you share any tip with us?


You definitely are persistent! Are you implementing the strategy I mentioned in my topic?

Would love to hear back from you and improve together as we go. :slight_smile:

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I would say partially. I will adjust my buyer request offer according to your tips.
Thanks a lot for the tips


Maybe I’m reading too much into it but your wording makes it sound like you have an offer text you paste each time or something. I used the buyer request a few times as a buyer and I found I basically ignored anyone with a generic offer text or a too official looking starting paragraph. As a seller I never had any issue getting gigs by just jumping straight into describing my offer, or asking questions, or explaining why my offer doesn’t match their budget, if people feel like you’re talking at them instead of with them they’re less likely to respond.


Please, can you elaborate more on what you mean by “too official looking starting paragraph”

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You bring up a valid point. Trying to spark up a discussion with your client has definitely brought me better results.

I personally have a basic skeleton for my offers, as it makes it easier to follow and appropriately hit the Psychographics of the buyer, but I do not use the copy/paste method.

If I had to measure the uniqueness of my offers, they’d be around 60-80 % different for every buyer.

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I mean something like “Dear sir/madam, I look forward to working on your project for your full satisfaction” when it could have just been, “Hi, I’m interested” or no introduction at all.


Correct! Selling is a art of solving others problems by your products or services and realising them that they truly need your products or services to better their life!!! Selling can not be mean


Thanks a lot for the tips

I have an introduction template that’s about 3 sentences long but the rest of it is catered to that particular buyer. What I focus most on is being 100% honest and explaining the process I would take to complete their project.


This is pretty much my approach.

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This resembles my process as well. Glad to see it has worked for you as well!

Thanku for your tips.Hope these tips help us.

How to introduce yourself when sending a request to the buyers. I have sent alot of requests but didn’t get offer till now. So maybe I have to change the way I send offers. Can you help me with giving me some tips

Hmmm haven’t thought of it that way. Good viewpoint. I like it!

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Thanks for the tips.I will try that in my next buyer request.