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How to get more orders from Fiverr and make more money

This post will help you as a Fiverr seller get more orders from your gigs here. To start off, I want to advertise my gig that I think you might find helpful:

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Hopefully you will learn something new and implement them. This is tried and true and proven to work. Let’s get started.

1 Have your own website and blog and post your gigs and services on there

Whether your site is free or paid, the most important thing is having a site that you control so you can post all your Fiverr gig links and services on there and be able to post content that show your expertise, credibility, and authority for people to choose your service over other competitors.

If you want to read more about setting up your site, go to the link at the end of this post.

2 Post high quality and original content that establish your expertise and authority

Posts should be well researched, insightful, and show how much of an expert you are at delivering your service. If you are a logo designer for example, you may want to write a post about how to make good logo designs that show in detail and step by step how you go through the process of making a good quality original logo design. This will show your expertise and if readers want to save time and hassle from making their own logos, then when you share your gig, they will go to you for advice and use your service so you can make it for them.

There is more to be said about creating content at the link in the end of this post.

3 Get more people seeing your links – how to increase your traffic and engagement

The more people see your Fiverr gig link, the more chances of people ordering from you. And the more people like the content that you put out in your site and content posts as in tip #1 and tip #2 above, then the more likely that people will order from you.

But where do you get these people to see your link? Where do you post your link so people see them?

Clearly there is a lot more to learn from these tips. If you want a more detailed breakdown of these tips, read to the end to find out how you can learn more for free.

4 Bonus tip – make money from ad revenue by using networks like Adsense

You may or may not have heard of Adsense, but it is a piece of code you put it your own website so that it displays ads and you make money when people see and click on those ads. Even if people don’t order your gigs, they visited your website and generated ad revenue for you.

Again there is a lot more to this and I urge you to keep reading and learning more for in-depth detailed instructions.

5 Top recommended resources and tools to improve your money-making efforts:

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