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How To Get More Orders On You Might Not Have Thought Of These!

Fiverr ideas you might not have thought of

There are ways to get more attention to your gigs that you might not have thought of.

Getting a high amount of orders on your Fiverr gigs has three distinct steps which, if you can fulfill all three of them, should mean a steady flow of users checking out your gig, and buyers coming from that pool of visitors.

The odds of your gig selling on Fiverr

In sales, a “conversion” is when a visitor to your offer goes through with whatever the offer is: that could be signing up to your newsletter, filling out a survey or buying your product.

If you are a Fiverr seller, a conversion means somebody purchasing your gig.

On the internet, it is said that roughly 1% of visitors to your offer will convert. That is a rough industry standard.

This means that for every 100 visitors you get to your Fiverr page, your should get approximately 1 sale.

Weather you live up to this standard- or if you surpass it- will be determined by several factors.

The first, and most important factor, is that you gig is something that people desire and are looking for. In this article I will not be addressing that: It’s your job to create a gig that people will want to buy.

What I will focus on is three little tips that you can do on Fiverr to give yourself a better chance of having people find their way to your gig, and then become “buyers” when they get there.

If your gig is good enough to get the “1” in “100” sales average, then your only goal is to continuously bring people to your gig. If you were to average exactly 1%, it would mean that for every thousand visitors to your gig, you would receive 10 orders on average, and for every 10,000 you would receive 100 orders on average.

Of course, if your conversion rate is higher (determined by the quality of the gig and how your present it- more on that later), you can experience much higher numbers per thousand or ten thousand hits to your gig.

Fiverr Tip #1: Be very clear!

If you have the best gig in the world, but noone knows or understands exactly what you are offering, you will likely get almost no sales.

Even though people usually only spend $5 on a gig, they have alot of choice (there are hundreds of thousands of gigs on Fiverr) so they want to feel very confident that they know exactly what they are ordering.

This means you need to be clear.

This can be difficult in the text field of your Fiverr gig as there is not much room for information. You are limited to a certain amount of words. Keep your sentances clear and to the point- don’t waste time- you need to state exactly what you are offering the buyer.

Thankfully, the text area is not the only area you have to make use of.

Video can be used as a tool to convey to the buyer exactly what you are doing.

Most laptops have a microphone- if not, you can buy one for $20 or $30 at Best Buy or some place like that. It’s worth the investment if you are serious about getting sales on Fiverr.

Make a simple video with images or text that relates to your gig, and use your microphone to do a voice over.

Write yourself a little script and do as many takes as you need too to get it right. Describe as articulately as possible what you are offering in your gig, and then submit it (make sure to read the rules about videos on Fiverr so that your video gets approved).

Making your gig very clear so that the buyer knows what they are getting is a great way to increase your sales right off the bat.

Fiverr tip #2: Be Narrow

Don’t be too wide with what you are offering.

Which of the following two is likely to get more orders:

  • I will draw a picture


  • I will draw a caricature picture of you in my unique style

    The latter one is, of course, because the first option is so broad that it could mean anything- so why would anyone order it.

    Don’t try to cast your net too wide. You have 20 spaces on your accounts for gigs, make use of them rather then trying to cram too many different ideas into one gig.

    Fiverr Tip #3: Fill out your profile and collections

    This is actually more important then you think.

    Filling out your profile will help a buyer trust you more. Buyers might check your profile before deciding whether or not to buy from you.

    Also, when you see gigs you like from a certain group, make collections for them.

    When other users are browsing Fiverr and they see collections that relate to what they want, they will click on them. This could lead them to your profile, which could lead them to your gig.

    If you take these tips to straighten out your gigs and help bring more people to your gigs, you should start to see an increase in sales over time. Just make sure you are offering something of value!

    Good luck!

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I agree! This is great information and I just realized I still had to complete my profile.

Thanks for making me attentive on that!

I would have agreed, but from my experience, much more people (say 10 times more) were interested in my “draw anything” gig, instead of in more specific drawing gigs. Maybe simply because they assume I’ll really draw anything so whatever they want I’ll be able to do. But it’s for people who have some idea, not for people who want simple portrait in seller’s style, so I guess every kind of gig can get a lot of love, it just depends if they become well-known or not :slight_smile:

Great post I updated my gigs and bio as you said!

Hey, great post benfort! Thanks for taking the time to share it with us!

Great points. While I do not do personal videos, I post screen shots and hope my buyers permit the use of their demo videos of finished products.

I did notice a steady increase of sales when I went from personal “gift” versions of my custom flash games to “co or re-branded” versions of my games for websites and businesses with clickable logos. It seems that the website and business markets, especially marketing, are big sellers on Fiverr.

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Oh I didnt know collections can be useful!Nice post :slight_smile:

Oh I didnt know collections can be useful!Nice post :slight_smile:

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