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How to get more orders!

hey guys so what i did was i decided to make a guide thats short and full of knowledge that will help users so i made a guide this guide is filled with tips strategies algorithms of fiverr and much more
it was obtained by hrs of reseaerch and and experience and top sellers!it was obtained by hrs of reseaerch and and experience and top sellers!i think its totally worth a read have a look here!

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funny man you have only 10 Reviews and level 01 ,
you are going to Teach You How To Get More Orders On Fiverr


it really isnt because i only started 10 days ago and got a level 1 seller and im getting orders everyday dont judge before knowing something!!have a look at my first and last review this is when i took fiverr seriously!

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Member since December 2016 gd job man


buddy i was a member as a buyer!!i posted one gig back then then left for 7 months then came back look at the time of my oldest review ull believe me then!

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This is just hilarious. The gig is worth a read for the entertainment value alone.


I really don’t know if it is allowed or not. But i just shared my story for ranking my gig in 2 days .

How i ranked my GIG in 2 days

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Wait, but your earliest review shows as 11 days ago…
I don’t know. I’ve had about 20 orders and I still consider myself a complete newbie here. Would I take advice from someone who’s only done around 10, even if they did a ton of research? Probably not…


Right on. I don’t understand the other new sellers looking for tips from someone with 20 or 50 reviews. Like everything else, buyer beware.

My tip: Research people giving advice. Make sure they they have the experience and track record to back up their advice.

I think it’s great the original poster wants to assist, but really, that much experience can be luck. Wait and see how he does in a few months.


its ok im giving the book away for free so far im doing great around 2 orders a day not bad for a start made overr 300$ in 3 weeks :slight_smile:



That’s not bad, but it’s still hardly enough to even know if what you’re doing really works, what makes the most sense for other buyers, etc.

Doesn’t bother me, go for it.

I think it makes no sense for others to take follow the lead in terms of success strategies from someone earning $100 per week average, with a track record that is less than a couple months old.

On the other hand, no stress from me if they decide to listen to someone barely getting started. If they will send you money for your success advice, hats off to you. As of today, you don’t have a single gig with more than 10 reviews. Most of them are under 5.

If your advice is really strong, it will show in your other gigs over time.

You could become a major powerhouse seller in a year, I hope it happens for you.



thank you im just starting so i guess im not going to have it show alot but hopefully i have something in a year we will see good luck

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Are you selling an ebook?

yes its digital around 10 pages its compacted

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I need to increase my sell. please inform me that how can I get more orders?

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