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How to get more orders

What if fiverr can get an app. software to teach new members how to increase sales or orders for gigs,they as well the new comers some intricks of those professionals which will give every individuals the opporunty also successed.

You have the capability to learn some of these tips, tricks, and advice for yourself. All you have to do is do a little work, and read the many great tips, tricks and advice already available in the Tips For Sellers forum. Don’t ask us to tell you how to be successful; take responsibility for your own success, and research what you need to know on your own.

It’s all there (in the Tips For Sellers forum). You just need to be willing to read it.

But they have already done it.
My fiverr gigs section is already there and there are no skills required to use it
You social media channels are there and no skills required to use them
Use of tags in our gigs. Just simple as that… What else do we need