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How to get more orders

Hi…I have an account in fiverr since february 2016…but wasn’t active.Now i have decided to really become a seller.I received one order and delivered it and also got a good review.But after that i haven’t received any order yet. Can i do anything to get more orders.Please check my gig and if i am doing something wrong or if any improvement is needed suggest

Hey banashree!

I would throw in a guess that your gig’s title and actual concept isn’t working. To make it simple:

  • “i draw anything” is vague, people tend to know what kind of drawing they want
  • that results into search issues
  • will I find ur gig offer if I search “draw environment concept”, or “character illustration”

Don’t really work in this field, but that would be my guess. You can always put up multiple gigs, “I draw your character illustration” as one and the other “I draw your fantasy art” and so on… But I imagine that this specific gig title might be problematic with getting hits in search results.

  • Ilari


.Thank u so much for your response…i really needed some advice