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How to get more people looking at your profile and buying your gigs [resolved]

im new to fiverr and i wanted to know how to get noticed on fiverr…well more people looking and buying my gigs. any advice coming from experienced Fiverr members?

Sheriff’s Note: The answer has been provided by kjblynx and willpower_hk. This thread is now closed

First, you need to polish your English in your profile and gig description.

I’ve written a blog post series for new sellers. You can Google ‘Fiverr Sellers Road to Success Series’ to have a look.

Besides, browse around this forum and search for tips.

Here’s an example of great tips:

Reply to @kjblynx: aha i know im forever leaving my caps on and when i notice it its too late.

and thanks for the advice! i will check there now!

and i will take each one of those into consideration and edit my gigs.Thanks allot for those pointers!.

Reply to @willpower_hk: thanks…english is my weakest point and still get slated at college because of this.

Thank you i will take this into consideration and redo my profile and descriptions.I will look at that now,thank you.