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How to get more reviews :(


I have delivered 12 orders still I have got only one review :frowning: How should I make people to give a review?


Message your buyer and politely asked them to give you a positive review as it will rank your gig.Most buyer forget to give review as long as they are satisfied but if they have complain, they will get back to you ASAP


It is against Fiverr TOS to ask for positive reviews. You can ask for your buyer for a review but I would not recommend doing that if they completed the order without reviewing your work. Every buyer has two chances to give you a review before they mark the order complete. Therefore if they did not give you a review it was because for some reason they did not want to. By asking them they may get irritated and give you a poor review.


You can ask for a review. Don’t mention “positive” or “negative”. The buyer already knows that you don’t ask for a negative one. You could state “If you are satisfied with my delivery I would really appreciate it if you would leave a review.”


I have same problem I have delivered 80 orders and got just 40 reviews and don’t know how to get rid of this at all. :frowning:


I think 50% is normal in Fiverr. What do you think?


i think it should be 7 out of 10


You’re helping buyers to add more followers, but it takes time before buyers see an actual benefit from it. Assuming you’re offering high quality service I’m guessing that buyers won’t give you a review until they see an actual benefit from it.

In your case it might be the quality of your work. There are quite a few grammar mistakes in your gig descriptions. It is possible that your buyers prefer not to leave a review when they discover minor mistakes in your writing. I do that sometimes as well. If I see that the work was just OK, but not great then I don’t leave any review.


Actually in these types of orders no review is better than a 2 or 3 star review. :slightly_smiling_face:


You can’t really do a whole lot in that regard. Some customers simply don’t want to leave a review, there’s no point of pestering and it’s not recommended to.


thank you very much :slight_smile:


the only way is,

on the start sell your gigs at lowest will help to get more orders.provide a professional and really awesome service to buyers,automatically the leave good reviews,

orders => reviews


In my experience 50-60% is normal. And the more regular clients you get, the more it goes own. But I love those regulars, the ones who don’t even bother doing anything except shooting me a script, they accept the offer, I send the finished job and I get paid. (Lather, rinse, repeat…) They are the backbone of my reliable business here.