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How to get more sales

Hello everyone, and my name is Rob. I have a gig on the Social Media Design part of Fiverr. I am only 15 and I am still learning business tips and tricks. If possible can anyone tell me how to boost my page. I have had about a handful of customers and only 6 of them left a review. I am level 1 but I would like to raise my productivity and sales. Especially that I am on summer vacation I have a lot of time to create graphics. Here have a look!

Please give me tips on how I can improve. Thank you!

There are many important tips here on Fiverr forum.

My #1 advice as a Fiverr veteran… be patient. Sales come and go. This is a dog-eat-dog freelance platform, with many people just like you competing to be seen, and offer the most appealing gig in every category. Just keep fine-tuning your gig, promote it off of Fiverr wherever your potential buyers are located… and hope and pray for the best.

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