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How to get more sell for new gig?


hello all,
how to get more sell if we have new gig in fiverr system? I old gig but seem not order much, so that is why try new gig. thank and hope can get more experience from you all!


Post throughout social media, twitter, facebook, etc.
When you deliver an order, be sure to tag your new gig (If the service is something that adds value)
take advantage of your daily buyers requests
be accessible when people are messaging you regarding your new gigs service.



but some time my view number on gigs also a bit low, my client most give me from 4 stars up, but some client do not understand their problems then give us bad review so can we remove those review out?


nice one!!!


Yes, good post!


Sharing your gig on social medias definitely helps, but you can even start asking a few friends if they can order your gig: they can benefit from your talent and you will receive nice reviews to start up the gig with the right foot!
That will bring you more orders! :slight_smile:


yes, how to blow our gigs :slight_smile: