How to get More Sell


Hello Fiverr Community , Can you help Me for my GIG more sell .
How to Improve my GIG and get More Sell ?


Hi, Exact I am searching the same idea to improve.


Tweak your title with your primary keyword, use the main keyword 3-4 times in the description and also use that same keyword in tags.

Create eye catching thumbnails for your gig also compare your gig with other top gig and you’ll find many things you need to changes.


Every Body Say That , But Its Not Work Now . I am Trying this A lot of time .


Then try to social share your gig and find some buyers from there.


Also Try To this But No result .


You need to give us more info

  • how many views you get per month. If you get 1000 views and no orders then there’s a problem with your gigs. If you get 10 views then there’s a problem with visibility and you need to work on traffic.
  • if you’re sending offers to buyer requests then give us a sample. What are you sending out?


1000 Per Week Views in my GIG . But No ORDER


You’re getting plenty of views, so there’s a problem with your gigs.

  1. Don’t copy gig descriptions from others. Write your own or hire someone to write it for you.
  2. In the portfolio add only your own designs.
  3. Rewrite your profile text. Talk about what you do and how you do it.

Start with these.


I amTry All Of those , but no Result . give me some New Idea , Those are know Every One .


Then how come you don’t know that it’s not allowed to copy someone else’s gig description?
It’s a matter of time before your account gets banned.


Perhaps you need to take some courses in Business and some English courses. It may be that you are not ready to run a freelance business. That is not an insult, but it just may be true.

Since you have copied someone’s else’s gig description, you aren’t going to succeed with that gig. Fiverr will just take it down when they notice it. It’s time for you to do some of your own work and make your own list of ideas. Best of luck.