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How to get more traffic for my gigs?

Hi all! I would like to find out how can I get more traffic for my gigs in order to get more buyers?
Thanks for your help!


Share your gigs on social media sites and facebook groups.But don’t spam.Write small text about your gig and share it :slight_smile:


Use all the promotional tools available, google+, fb, twitter, instagram, forums and blogs and share your gigs.


Optimize your title and tags for search. Hard work, steady sales, and excellent reviews will result in more traffic.

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Hi, You can get more traffic through these steps:

  1. Placing a professional display image
  2. Place a professional display video which describes your services
  3. Keyword filled description, you can go through similar gigs of yours to get an idea
  4. Promote, Promote and Promote, especially FB,Twitter and YT
  5. Create a video in youtube which describes your services
  6. Post your ads on FB business and Google plus groups
  7. Post your ads on Business forums
  8. Always over deliver
  9. Make a better relationship with clients and make them happy, so you will get recurring orders as well as tips
  10. Keep your overall rating high

I have had a tag for over a year and when i do a search for the tag Fiverr tells me there are no results for that search. Something is off here in that regard.

good and very effective for all

I noticed that my gig started getting more clicks and more orders once I got a professionally done explainer video. Get someone on Fiverr to do it. My current one cost me $20 and I had it in two days. Make sure you set your video preview to a frame in the video that has what you’re offering for $5 and your delivery time. And as stated by some other commenters here, promote, promote, promote.



Promote your gig to social media…

Thanks for tips!!

Thank you for your help! I will!

Thanks for your suggestions!

can you please share some facebook group links ?

Thanks for your help! Actually almost every time that I do not have many orders, I change my tags or some words from the title :), but I’m afraid that this can also affect something, changing too often.

I have cca 7 months of Fiverr and until now I have not understood how it really works the issue with the tags :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate!

Thank you for the great tips!

Of course, as long as will help all the person who need to promote their gigs, including me :), why not. Please send the links here. Thanks!

My sales went down. :frowning: Any idea?