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How to get more traffic for my gigs?

Give Quality work to your client - The key to successs

Mine also :frowning:

Thank you for your help! I’ll do my best for a more qualitative result.

If YOU are going to promote your gigs it makes NO sense to lead potential buyers back to this platform or Fiverr. Just purchase a domain name and web hosting. Very cheap especially when some host even provide FREE domain name registration…etc. eHosts comes to mind! Free domain name and 3 year basic hosting. This way you cut out the middle man who takes 20%. After all, why do the labor for your gigs and promotion? What does Fiverr do then since there 20% cut is for promotion and advertising eh? So, make your OWN website with your gigs, promote that site and gain 100% profits! Cut out the middle man and it’s lackluster policies…etc and work for the best boss in the world - YOU. Win Win situation I would say. Use Fiverr as a stepping stone to hone your skills then MOVE ON. This is not the be all or end all of working for yourself. Solo means doing everything yourself and earning 100% for YOUR work. if you are going to promote your work, who needs Fiverr?!


I would say begin to build your professional brand around your fiverr account (if you’re serious). For instance, I brand my LinkedIn profile promoting my services. I also have an optin page that leads individuals to my fiverr GIG after signing up.

I drive traffic to those squeeze pages by putting out relevant and unique content towards my niche on many different platforms.

You just have to get creative.

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This is the most famous question of them all and a fun one…because there is no real answer. No matter the techniques and methods, you will have to always treat fiverr like an actual business. Who cares if your niche is oversaturated with other sellers, the name of the game is marketing!!!

I’m a real estate investor. I get deals by marketing. I can be the best investor in the world but that doesn’t do me any good unless i out-market my competition. Same here. Like many have already said, you must PROMOTE and PROMOTE some more. It will pay off because after a while, you will not have to as if your gig was on autopilot.

Promote your gig an share them on Facebook and Twitter. Post them in your statuses and share your gigs and services in different FB groups. Linkedin is another platform. There are plenty of people on fiverr who have followers for your niche. PAy them $5-$10 to blast your gig to their followers and you can have orders before you know it.

Youtube videos work very well too. Good luck! MEssage me if you have any other questions or suggestions!

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it seems like there is a cycle from my experience. Sometimes I’ll get 8 orders a day through the week and then 3 weeks later, I’ll only have 5 orders. This seems to be pretty consistent so I think it is just the algorithm that fiverr uses. That’s my personal opinion

Share your gigs to social media, take some review then ultimately increase traffic.

Hi there and thank you for your opinion. Interesting point of view. For the moment, Fiverr is my real business and I’m focused on it now, later I’ll see.

No disrespect to you, but you should hire a proofreader, such as myself :-), to check over your gig. The spelling and grammar are quite poor. It’s going to be a hard sell for you with English not being your native language. Perhaps you should focus on quantity over quality. There are some buyers who require lots of content and not necessarily of the highest quality.

Hi and thanks for your suggestion! That’s a good idea to be followed! Thanks a lot!

Thank you anointedballa for your help! I really appreciate all the support and suggestions! This community is great! Thanks!

Hi there and welcome to Fiverr! Good luck!

Hi, thanks for your remark, it’s welcomed as long as I’m always willing to learn new things and correct my imperfections. Do you have any suggestion regarding my gig description? For my English, each day I’m trying to improve it :). Even so, I hope I’ll have the opportunity to get more traffic and buyers.

My apologies Jenny_3. I was referring to wincode’s writing gig.

As for your own gigs, as I am feeling generous, contact me and I will give your gigs a quick proofread for free.

I am in a similar position to yourself regarding traffic. If your gigs are not seen then that means no chance of a sale. There is only so much you can do with promoting internally. As others have stated, it seems you need to rely on off-site promotion to get things rolling.

your most welcome…

Thanks for help!

OK, no problem :). Thanks for your help!

Social media is the best way :slight_smile: