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How to get more traffic to my gig

how to get more traffic to my gig, I get enough traffic to my gig 80 clicks / day at the beginning of August. but after that it continued to decline now only 10 clicks / day. I have promo on social media but there are no results, what should I do?

Advertise your self. Thank you

Advertise your gig on social media like facebook, instagram influencers etc.

At first, Fiverr gives new sellers more impressions, then they take them away.

Try social media share
Use buyer request and be active in forums

Wait… What? Really?

I am worried :worried: Does that happen once the “new seller” tag wears off?

When you post something on social media, do you know who’s reading it and if anyone is even interested in your service?

Fiverr doesn’t provide much info, but every time you post something in social media, check your analytics for the next couple of days.

  • if your views go up, but you don’t get orders then either you’re targeting wrong people or your gigs are not appealing enough to convert
  • if your views don’t go up then stop wasting your time on social media or hire a consultant with a proven track record :wink:

It has been discussed many times on the Forum by the more experienced sellers. The newer accounts seem to get more impressions and appear on the first page or two of search results. Then the longer accounts have been active they appear less and less on the first pages and are replaced by newbies. :roll_eyes:

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Sigh :slightly_frowning_face: Yeah I remember that issue being discussed before on the forum. I see that happening on the website gig listings on a daily-basis.

But I misunderstood :arrow_up: as my thought process was more like — maybe Fiverr was involved in some kinda shady business of manually altering our impression values. :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: