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How to get more traffic to my gigs as a new seller

I’ve been in fiverr for 23 days now, I have 3 active gigs and I didn’t make more than 2 sales that were from my friends through social media. However, my concern is that my gigs have about 300 impressions but only 20 or so clicks and I haven’t received orders for more than two weeks.
I would love to get helpful tips from experienced sellers in this community on how to get more clicks and orders as a new seller.

Thank you

Note: Where I live and the community around me doesn’t use this kind of technology and services and I don’t have a strong enough presence in social media so promoting my gigs on social networks can’t really help me get traffic.

I wouldn’t get hung up on the number of impressions. The numbers that really matter are views, clicks and obviously orders.

For example, one of my gigs has 960,000 impressions, but 3K clicks and 4.3K views. So don’t worry about the impression numbers.

Getting your first couple of orders will help your ranking, but there are a few other things you can do to boost it as well. First off, having some kind of video for your gig will dramatically boost its ranking in search.

Also, make sure you utilize as much of your description as possible, use relevant keywords. Don’t spam the description with key words, but use them so long as they make sense.

Also, make sure you are using 5 relevant tags for each gig. This may take a bit of research, but is worth it.

Hope those help! Keep working at it and experimenting and you’ll start seeing more orders!


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Thanks for the helpful advice!
I’ll start working on my gig videos and description right away.

960,000 impressions? I’ve never had even 50,000.

You could also take a look at the buyers request section if someone requires your kind of services. That’s how I got my first sales and reviews.

Yeah, but I’ve found it to be very misleading. I’m not sure what catapulted it to that number, but the views are at 4k. Which is still pretty good in my view!