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How to get more traffic?


How does one get more traffic for their gigs? I’ve tried posting on Facebook and twitter, but everyone ignores me.


Your gigs are cute! (I like your wig one.) Try to advertise on student sites where they might want your editing services, – put your gig link in you signature for message boards – anywhere you think potential customers on. Don’t spam, join in the conversations, but get the link in there unobtrusively. Collect other gigs in the My Fiverr Gigs board and ask people to collect yours.

Think about mixing up your gig photos a bit. A plane that says AWESOME is good for one, but it makes them all look alike … give each gig its own personality. As for the gift gig … why not a beautiful giftwrapped package photo from Google Images or something that is more related? I have no idea what a person falling into a hole has to do with gifts. Make your gigs super pretty and alluring and customers will come.


Thank you for the advice! I’ll get right on the pictures. I was using the pictures on my phone, which is why they are so random. What kind of site do you think would like my editing service?


Probably fellow students! College freshmen, certainly. If you are near a university, make a flyer and put it up there. Ask if you can pin a flyer in a local coffee shop or laundry. Maybe there are local writing message boards?


@ crcanny, thanks for the correction observerd. Moreso Mangafanatic22, ur profile pix should be different from ur gig pix. Itz a good gig that you have there, you can equally promote ur gig in a freelance sites were services are required and equally search and know how others rendering thesame service did their own write-up but don’t spam. I wish u success


Thank you guys so much!


I feel your pain! Good luck :)>-


I made a youtube video doing a Harlem Shake using a similar method in my gig. That has gotten over 1,500 views now. In the video I link to my gig :slight_smile:


That’s an interesting idea, doyley, but I think I would still have the same problem with traffic…


i tried seomanix company, they gave some good advice. or maybe some marketing books to read?