How to get more view on gig?


I need more view, click & impression on my gigs…so how can I promote my gig?


by sharing it on social media platforms


thanks :slight_smile:


You are Welcome . Stay happy :slight_smile: Best of luck


@sarafat_adir always share your in social media


Sharing on various social media, you can get more order


yeah i will try my best


yes i will :slight_smile: @moinu07


share your gig on social network to getting more views and impression. it help you most to getting new order. thanks☺


@hafsaanwar1212 Thanks i will do this :slight_smile:


Share your gigs to the socials networks. thank you


by Sharing on social media platforms you will get more view and impressions. Create an unique caption and example of your best works.


keep tring and All the best😊


Share on social networks. make connections more and more specially on linkedin. It will help.