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How to get more views on my gigs

I am a new seller and I recently posted 4 gigs but I am not getting any views on fiverr.
Please help.


you can every day share your gig link twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn marketing and also blog marketing is the best way to promote your gig first page

Stop telling people to do this.

Posting your gig every day in any platform is a bad idea. It doesn’t engage your target audience or enhance your credibility. And doing this bad tactic in multiple platforms is even worse.

And don’t say it’s “the best way to promote your gig first page” because it’s actually the worst way. It won’t help you rank better at all let alone to the first page and you probably won’t even get traffic. Why are you making up advice?


can you you tell me that How Can i promote my gig?

@mariekarim If you want to get organic views then share your gigs on social media platforms.

Share your gig in the niche related.

Share your gig in the niche related site.

If you need me to explain that to you, why did you give people bad advice and tell them it would work?

And again, why did you make up advice?

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Yes humanissocial,
I agree with you.

siobhan_ellis thank you so much for your advice. I will consider taking more tests on fiverr.