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How to get more work in Fiverr?

@catwriter Thanks. Read the full article, I’ll come back to you.

Research your competition. You should be doing that, anyway.


@humanissocial Thanks for your advise

although, from my point of view, I do agree with what you write :slight_smile: I think that one should consider that the US is not the whole world. Maybe 50% of Fiverr users are not from the US. What is considered “unprofessional” in one part of the world might be “professional” in another part of the world. It is possible that in other parts of the world one should address colleagues and clients as “dear” in a professional environment. Maybe we can try to be open to different cultures and habbits unless they are hostile or harmful of course. Don’t you agree?

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About your first question: I think that one needs to get enough rest and sleep in order to be able to function well at work. One could see Fiverr as a part time job while someone else can see it as a full time job. I think that it is reasonable to work on Fiverr maximum as many hours as you would work in any job.

About your second question: I think that self-promotion in social media can help you, joining discussions in related forums can help you and checking out buyers requests on Fiverr might also help you.

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