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How to get my 1st project fast? I am new at Fiverr but old at skills

Hey dude, whats up yellow ducks
I am new. Please someone say “WELCOME” for good gesture.

I have started…
I have started working at fiverr from 3 to 4 days. And since I noticed that I am not getting my 1st order.

I am old at skills…
I have working in computer for than 1 and half year.
From website designing to development and from development to programming.
From logo designing to photo resizing and from image resizing to image background changing.
And from photo editing to web development I learned a lot of things to do and search for.
And Now I have got an healthy experience.

I am waiting…
As it is fun and bulk of excitement for me to do my 1st as well as I am fully prepared and waiting for the movement that someone will try my services.

Thank all in advance

I am from…
I live in Pakistan,Islamabad.
I am Urdu and Hindko speaker.
But I can speak Hindi and English as well.
I have recently made 2 gigs i.e website creation + managing and photo background changing or removal.
I am not sharing links as it is against Fiver policies.

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Welcome to fiverr and best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome :slight_smile:


I’ll quote older users here, ”it takes time and a lot of hardwork to get your first set of sales.”

You can share your gigs for other users to see in the ”My Fiverr Gigs” or ”Improve My Gigs” sections.

Hello everyone, my name is Ankit and i am new to fiverr, I am from India. I can speak fluent English and Hindi. I am a great article writer and programmer. I know C,C++ and python.

Welcome to the Fiverr world! @ankitnegi428