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How to get my earnings? Philippines

Hello there,

I’m three months old in fiverr, and I’ve been in-active for two months because I don’t really know how to get my earnings. How should I get it if I’m from Philippines? What’s the best way to get it? Should I make a Saving bank account, debit card, credit card?

To all pinoys: Tulongan nyo naman po ako, panu po ba makukuha ang pera? should I get a bank account in BDO? UNI-BANK? anong uri po ng account? saving account? wala po talaga akung IDEA. Salamat po at mabuhay ka po.

I got $40 and I have no idea how to get it. Please help me that money is a huge lift on my tuition fee, because it’s P1,000+ here in the Philippines

Hi there buddy,

I suggest you get union bank eon for student, you only need your student id +P350 as far as i know. Don’t forget to deposit at least P200 for you to connect to paypal.

Best of luck!

thank you,
I’ll try to register. Is paypal the best way to withdraw? is it hard to use? I’m really new to this, Hope you’ll understand. I have so many question in my mind lol :slight_smile:

I heard about Eastwest Basic Savings Account with Visa Debit Card, thus this really work? I’m from cebu and the UNION BANK here is so hard to find, few branches. Hope anyone could help me.

UnionBank’s EON is convenient since when you withdraw from Paypal to your bank account there are no fees. However, not everyone applies for an EON account gets approved. But I know a lot of people who have and withdraw their paypal funds with EON. I, however, didn’t use EON because it’s really tiring and I do not like Customer Service of UnionBank and they have a limited number of branches.

For me Paypal is the best way to withdraw (I’ve never used the other methods though, but judging from the fees from Payoneer I don’t like to try it out).

To get your funds, have a verified Paypal account (connect your credit card/debit card/bank account to your paypal for verification purposes)… UnionBank’s EON card is the best way to go judging that you’re a student… Just google it out, “how to verify your paypal account - philippines”, there are a lot of choices suggested by lots of bloggers and the like.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: