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How to get my first clients on fiverr

Hi guys,
I am new to fiverr so can anyone out there guide me to get my first project as soon as possible.
I have uploaded my gig.

Hi there!

I can’t see any gigs on your profile - you might want to check it again?

Here’s where to start:

Good luck! :sunny:

Hello Abhay,

No gig is visible on your profile. Please check again. Go to Selling - Gigs and check the status of your gig.

Yah,It was paused somehow.
Now you can check it.

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Promote your gig on Social Media, Classified Websites, Forums. Do it all ethically and don’t spam anywhere.

And how the fiverr forum can be used to get clients.

Post your gig on My Fiverr Gigs. Each gig can be posted just once there.

Thanks a lot rankinfinite.
Anything more useful to tell?

Enough for today :smiley: