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How to get my first customer ? How many days it take to get the first customer?

I m not getting any order . What I m doing wrong . PLz help me

Simple answer: You just joined Fiverr in January. Please be patient. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick site. You need to treat your gigs like a business, promote them elsewhere (where your customers are located)… and be patient. If customers want your services, they will purchase from you. If customers do not purchase from you, then, perhaps, you need to fine-tune or adjust your services until they do.

You are not guaranteed sales merely because you have gigs here on Fiverr.


Hey jonbaas, so with elsewhere you are talking about outside fiverr right? I think many people out there still are not using fiverr, maybe they have never hear about it. Dont you think there will be a barrier for those people to buy services over fiverr?
Maybe I got you wrong and u meant to promote it inside the fiverr comunity. If thats the case could you provide some advices on how to and where to? I read about 10 copy and paste answers from you and I’d be glad you’d share your knowledge on fiver newbies!
Thanks in advance

Hey Schokko,

I think he does mean to help with the increase in sales that you promote your Gig outside of Fiverr such as on your own social media. If you contact support, they do suggest this and also provide links to the academy that assist us sellers with more information on how to do it. One great article they have in the academy is at this link:

If you want to promote within the Fiverr community, the forum rules state that you may do so in the “My Fiverr Gigs” section. To answer your other question, if you do believe there are barriers between people who aren’t aware of Fiverr, then that would be the best opportunity for you to show them that Fiverr is a fantastic platform to search for services! I would start by heading over to the academy which offer great advice for sellers from what I’ve read so far.

Hey vw thanks for the fast answer. I read the article you postet - very intresting and also the my fiverr gigs section. Thanks for the professional respond!