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How to get my first customer . please help me

how do i , get my first customer what if my offer dose not pup people ?


This question has been asked hundreds of times on the Forum. :roll_eyes:

Lucky you! :four_leaf_clover: :slightly_smiling_face: Because there are many, many answers to your question. You can find them by using the search feature on the forum home page. :wink:


I can give you some tips who are new sellers, i hope that you will get success.

Create a unique and professional gig title with profitable keywordsSet a gig picture which can impress the buyers and the image has to be neat and clean, high resolutionShare your gig social media like twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, pinterest etcTo get more buyer request set your skills properly and nice overview to your profile.Finally wait, do work hard , try to acquire new skills and try to stay active online 24 hours.


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Very helpful suggestion. Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

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You are welcome…

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