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How to get my first customer?


I have lots of time spend on fiverr but not any customer buy my gig why I have wait the First customer then How to get my first customer


There is a faster way to get your earlier customers and i.e by sending custom offers in the “Buyer Request” section.

Sending the lower rate will help you.


But I have use this technique and no budy buy my gig Thanks for suggestion


market on social media.
improve the English and grammar
expand your gigs - perhaps test new gigs

there’s plenty that can be done. It’s your business so apply yourself to the fullest to make it a success.


You’re a marketer, use your skills to promote and market your own services.


Well, if I was a buyer, I wouldn’t purchase your gig, as it’s fairly similar to another Fiverr seller (almost identical). Not sure if you copied the gig or they did, but they would make me leery for one.

Second, I’d be wary of anyone who claims they can remove the background of 60 articles in one day. I’m not sure if that can be done, but it would make me take pause.

Good luck!


you have “PLEASE” in all caps in your pricing which is weird.
The “your dearest friend” is off putting because we aren’t hiring friends we are hiring professionals

Also the “100 percent positive reviews” is weird as you don’t HAVE any reviews.
Did you copy paste from someone else’s gig?



He could have said:
0 negative reviews and
0 orders cancelled


You can test my service …#Challenge