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How to get my first gig orders?


Hello there, my name is Romy and I am new on Fiverr.
I am a photo editor and a friend told me that I could sell my work at Fiverr. So I started Fiverr.

Now is my question? How do I get my first orders on Fiverr? Or the first impressions? Etc.

I hope that someone is willing to help.

Yours sincerely,


just wait and u will get orders


Hi Romy,

Welcome to Fiverr and this great community.

The first steps in getting orders is to setup the right niche for your gig. A few tips that I have to offer:

  1. Do something different, no one will purchase from you if you’re a new seller offer the same services as top dogs on Fiverr.

  2. Offer more for $5. It can be very difficult to get started, you need to attract buyers. I did this by offering a lot more for your buck. I offered 24 hours standard delivery, 5 revisions, etc. This will for sure assist with getting your first buyer in.

  3. My final tip. A good gig image. This is the main point which I find is critical, no one wants to see a person that has copied and pasted a gig image from another seller OR someone that has put no effort in creating their own gig image that fits the dimensions of which Fiverr provides. This image is critical to get buyers to click your ad, it’s the first thing your buyer will see, impress them.


Hi Reecelarkin1,

thank you very much for your tips! Hopefully I will get some sales going right now. I will wait patiently :smile:


It was several weeks before my first order. Several months later, I seem to be gaining momentum. This is definitely not a get rich quick scheme.


You’re very welcome! Best of luck!


Hi Romy,

Welcome to Fiverr. I hope you enjoy your time here :slight_smile:

My advice Check out the Fiverr Academy here

Another advice is promote your gigs on social media like twitter and facebook. There a lot of fiverr facebook groups around the world. The moment that you have no orders spend your time to promote your gigs. And thinking of new gigs, or to improve your gigs.

Success Romy.



You can send offers on buyers request section. I have for my first one.


Just be patient - somebody will eventually buy you gig :+1:


Try to provide unique services.


Be unique in your work and make sure that you are competent in your work.


We’re working on this as well, but I can share the mentality and hopefully its something you can run with.
Remember most gigs are comptetive and have other people doing the same thing with higher ratings, better designs, more respect, etc.
So I’d suggest you put your best forward. Sometimes that can mean settling at 1st to get your foot through the door. Maybe your 1st couple gigs might not be the most appealing or be paying as much as you’d like at the end of the day, but the more you work and do a good job… the more you can demand your preference (whatever it may be).
Ps: even interns become somebodies one day


how we get the orders after long time wait?


I waited for long time it’s about 20 days I started but still no order can you tell what should I do