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How to get my first order As a new seller


Pleas can someone help out on this… I have not given gotten one… I’m a new seller though…
Need profitable experience…


You can share more and more your all gigs then you’ll be achive your first order. carry on.


webexpertiqbal… Thanks… :+1:


you’re most welcome. carry on


Check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.


Check this out May be this link will help you a lot : 💡 Guide: Get your First Order


:arrow_right: I Will Design Professional Book Cover Or Ebook Cover gig , I recommend doing some more work on the gig image. The texts are not properly readable (in thumbneil view). When buyer search for any service, in search result they only see a small preview. So better you chose some texts which can be noticeable in a small preview.

:arrow_right: I Will Design Christian Book Cover With A Unique And Amazing Layout gig, you may also like to add some service description on gig image like your other gig.

For both gig there is still one place left where you can you more work sample!! use it well.

The designing market is very competitive, you need to stand out from the crowd. Have a look on your competitor, note them in a document, Do some more research with your collected info. Update your gig. Also follow those previous links :wink: You wil get some ore knowledge to improve your service.

Good Luck With Sells :+1: :pizza:


Wow… Thanks for the useful tips…higly appreciated…i will work on that and hopefully I get some…:slight_smile:.