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How to get my first order for my gig


how can i get my first gig


Are you offering to find and deliver paid ebooks for $5?

That sounds very dodgy to me I’m afraid. :frowning_face:

Apologies if I’ve misinterpreted your gig, but you say:
If you are looking for any books, but it is very expensive !!! Don’t worry, you came to the right place.
I can find almost any book for you. Just give me the title and author or the link to the book.

I’m sure the author(s) wouldn’t be very happy.


You’re free to ask any questions you like on the forum, but please don’t message users.

If they haven’t got the money they can’t buy the ebook.

What you’re offering to do is a really bad idea I’m afraid.

Isn’t there anything else you could offer as a gig? I’d hate to see you getting into trouble.


Example - your buyer wants an ebook that costs $47.

You download it free from wherever and sell it to your buyer for $5.

The author/publisher gets nothing.

Does that sound legal to you?


What you are doing is that you are handling/delivering “paid” ebooks to users for a significant fee which is way lower than the original ebook price. This is called “copyright infringement” because you are selling something that is NOT yours and you are not the official distributor or publisher of it.

I am afraid that you gig will simply get debied after sometime.