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How to get my first order?I got 38 impression 25 from social media and 13 from Fiverr,but still no order?Please help me

How to get my first order?I got 38 impression with 25 from Social media accounts and 13 from fiverr ,currently I have 3 active gigs for Content creation,Android App development and for logo design.


@sauravsingh816 for first order you share your GIG social media, continue to send 10 buyer requests, and active Fiverr forum and learn tips and tricks. I hope you get your first order


Although I am just able to get 1 order up till now but now i have done some research about it and have noted down some points that i would like to share with my community that i intend to follow in future for better results and orders:
So here it goes:
1] Send buyer requests daily(try to reach the max limit of 10)
2]Maintain a good response rate
3]If you are still to get your first order, then try to offer the buyer a discounted price with in the deadline.
4]Be professional in your dealings with the buyer.
5]Be patient, things take time.
So, good luck to you all including me:blush:


Now you get daily orders or not?Means,atleast order request or questions?

@sauravsingh816 yes i do get a lot of buyer requests daily.But i am not yet getting any orders, as i was not online enough due to my exams but now i am hopeful to get orders.
One thing i want to add is that your gig description has to be spot on with your image and title.It is a big turn off for the buyer if your image is not parallel with your title and description.

Can you please check out my profile and tell me about my gig description, also after my first order will getting daily 2-3 order will be possible?

I thought the same that after my first order that i will start getting orders but it is not happening up till now.Now I know that getting any order is not a piece of cake.You should describe your gig to the best you can.And follow the above guidelines.


Exactly… your words are closed to the reality.even if I didn’t get any orders.I recognized the truth and reality regarding fiverr orders.